How To Begin

We understand how overwhelming planning a new animal shelter or expansion and renovation process can be! We have some useful information that may make it easier! Feel free to contact us as well by clicking here

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Our Process

The first critically important step in planning for a new, renovated, or expanded shelter is to determine exactly what your needs and budget are. How many animals will need to be handled now and for the next 20 years? How many runs, cages and holding areas are needed to handle those animals? How many support spaces are needed? How much will construction of the new building cost, and what size staff and operating budget will be needed?

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Design Concepts

Our philosophy of building design is that the facility should be inviting to the public and provide a friendly, enjoyable adoption experience. The building should also be pleasant to work in and easy for the staff to maintain. The facility must present the animals in an appealing manner and also be comfortable, healthy and low stress for the animals.

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Needs Assessment Questionnaire

By filling out our questionnaire, it gives us a good understanding of your current shelter and assess the needs of the potential new shelter! It will help guide the conversation when we schedule a call.

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