Shelter Planners of America is pleased to partner with Animal Shelter Fundraising for your capital campaign fundraising needs. Animal Shelter Fundraising can help with all aspects of your capital campaign from conducting a fundraising feasibility study to managing the campaign itself. Not only can Shelter Planners of America offer you the very best in shelter planning and design, but we can partner you with a leading provider of fundraising services in the animal sheltering industry who can help you identify and raise the money to get your shelter built. Just call Shelter Planners of America to facilitate an introduction to Animal Shelter Fundraising.

Capital campaign fundraising is a complex process requiring a huge amount of specialized and detailed work that usually requires a fundraising expert. Animal Shelter Fundraising is the only fundraising expert from within, and for, the animal sheltering industry. (In fact, the company CEO worked ten years as a shelter executive prior to starting the company.) They can guide you through successful completion and funding of your new animal shelter. In fact, they have worked on more capital campaigns for animal shelters than any other consulting firm in the country. If you need experienced counsel to guide you through the various stages of a campaign then we recommend Animal Shelter Fundraising.

As our new fund raising affiliate - Animal Shelter Fundraising will come into your community, evaluate your funding potential, and develop your capital campaign infrastructure and timeline. Then, and most importantly, they will manage the process of capital campaign fundraising. Unlike most fund raisers who simply give you a written plan about how you can go out and raise money, our affiliate works with you - working hand and hand with your group's leaders.

Animal Shelter Fundraising's CEO, Tim Crum, is a nationally recognized expert on fundraising in the animal shelter industry who is often called upon to speak at national and regional conferences. He has raised in excess of $200,000,000 and in 2016, he authored his third book titled, An Animal Shelter's Guide to Capital Campaigns. Tim and his company, have an amazing track record of successes. Their fresh and unique approach to fund raising, and uncompromising integrity provides a level of credibility unmatched in the industry. Often they have raised one or two times more than the original goal! Of course it will take some seed money to get started. But for about $15,000 you can start on your way to the millions you need by having Animal Shelter Fundraising conduct a fundraising feasibility study to determine how much money it is feasible for your organization to raise and they will also identify who will be making the leadership gifts to kick start your capital campaign.

Animal Shelter Fundraising is also a two-time winner of the International Business Excellence Award for Best Animal Welfare Fundraising Organization in the U.S.A. To get started raising money for your new or renovated animal shelter, call today for a no obligation information.